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 Benedictine Experiences

Saint Benedict in Blue RobeFor many people who would never consider themselves monastic, a Benedictine Experience cultivates and nourishes that monastic dimension within them. A Benedictine Experience is neither conference nor retreat but a carefully planned, unique attempt to bring together in community men and women, lay and clerical, to study and experience the balanced way of life as envisaged in the Rule of St. Benedict, giving due attention to body, mind, and spirit. To allow participants to fully experience this balance, Benedictine Experiences range from a long weekend to a full week.

Participants take part in an ordered day of prayer, study, work and leisure. The framework of each day is the daily worship of God, including prayer offices that begin with Morning Prayer, continue with Eucharist, Evening Prayer, and Compline or Night Prayer closes the day. After Compline, the Great Silence is observed through breakfast the following morning. Daily lectures and meditations are led by a gifted faculty and time is set aside for silence and meditation. Because the work of the hands is a vital part of the Benedictine way, participants are encouraged to take part in a work project. Evenings allow time for further talks, discussion, or music.

Upcoming Benedictine Experiences
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St. John's Abbey and Episcopal House of Prayer, (Collegeville, MN): September 22-27, 2015
Holy Cross Monastery (West Park, NY): November 17-22, 2015



St. Mary’s Sewanee (Sewanee, Tennessee) with Bonnie Thurston: April 4-8, 2016
The Bishop's Ranch (Healdsburg, CA):  June 20-26, 2016